KoA – Migration Event

Greetings Ladies and Lords, As some of you may have known that we’ve opened the Migration Event in some Kingdoms. We also keep receiving feedbacks and questions from players about when the Migration Event is available or re-opened in their kingdoms. Here we’re trying to answer some of the frequently asked questions and update the […]

WaO – Grand Prize Winner

War and Order

CONGRATULATIONS to Lord *~Harlee~* of Realm 17, Grand Prize winner of our Child at Heart Castle Design Contest, for this beautiful tree house castle! And to our remaining Top 5: Karanielle, for a wonderful rainbow castle that looks straight out of a children’s book. SamuraiGod, for the cyberpunk amusement park castle every 80s kid dreamed […]

VWoC – Choose your own prize!

Vikings War of Clans

Jarls, we’re starting a giveaway!  🤤 You can choose your reward yourself. Tell us under this post what you would like to get: 👉 3 “7-Day Stronghold Boost” items, 👉 3 “Hero’s Double, 7 Days” items, or 👉 200,000 VIP points. 🔥The option that gets the most votes will be the prize. 🔥 It will be awarded to 20 lucky […]